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There is no doubt that a first hair appointment is like a blind date! To make sure everything runs smoothly and we are time efficient, here are some pointers, policies, and procedures.

Hold my hand as we walk through our first time together.

I’m just as nervous and excited as you!


Email me selfies and inspiration pictures!

Step One

Get to know you

Tell me your hair woes, color story, and any info that will help us work towards the hair you desire. Along with this, please send a current picture of yourself. I will use this for our consultation. These pictures and info will help me prepare for our time.  

*before booking, email me with info.  Any appointments without a prior email will not be accepted.

_DSC0513_original (1).jpg

When you get here


Please arrive a few minutes early. Get settled in, and maybe grab a coffee or snack. If you’re getting color, please change out of your shirt and into a robe in the restroom.

PLEASE take off your shirt and replace with smock provided.  

* Hair inc is NOT responsible for stained or damaged items. 

When you get here

Let's get started!


We are gonna look at the previously emailed photos, and get started! As we look into the mirror together, I get to see what you see. This opens the window of possibilities.


Together we will collaborate to find your dream hair! There are so many options to explore.

This is your time


While your hair color processes, I will be with another client and you will have 45 minutes.  Please bring whatever you like! Laptop, a book or simply play with your phone.  


You look great!

Depending on our consultation, I will cut/color/trim/chop/razor…I will do the stuff!!! Your hair will be so happy! You will be happy! I will be happy! A fresh new style is pure joy!

Let's do this again!


I have automated systems in place to keep me behind the chair focusing on what I do best! 

All appointments are booked online.   

want to know if there is a cancelation?

check back often!  all open spots will be available to you in real time.  If someone cancels, you will be able to book in that spot. 

(Need directions?)

Head to Where I am

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